2010 ECAR Field Trial in West Bengal is a success

In Nov – Dec 2010, the ECAR team transported a 100 Liter ECAR prototype to West Bengal and conducted a successful 6-week field trial (2 weeks of operation) of the 100 liter reactor in West Bengal, India, at Amirabad High Madrasa School (~2500 co-ed students).  During the field trial, we treated 1400 liters of arsenic contaminated water from three different tubewells used to supply drinking water to the School. All but 2 of the batches were remediated to arsenic levels below 10 ppb. The two batches with slightly higher final concentrations were purposely under-dosed respectively with dissolved iron and added alum relative to effective lab tests. Both tests were repeated with correct dosing under the same conditions and reached final concentrations less than 10 ppb.  Treated water was indistinguishable from commercial bottled mineral water in clarity, and less turbid than the original groundwater.  We had no major operational difficulties or decreases in performance during the experiment, proving that ECAR electrodes will not passivate after a short run time in the field.

100 liter ECAR prototype during West Bengal field testing