Daniel (Danny) Wilson’s Research


Daniel Lawrence Wilson, 120 Blum Hall, Berkeley, CA 94720 | dlwilson@berkeley.edu



University of California, Berkeley
M.S. Mechanical Engineering, May 2012
Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering, Expected May 2016
National Science Foundation Fellow
GPA: 3.94
Colorado State University
B.S. Mechanical Engineering, May 2008
Secondary Teacher’s License, December 2008
Summa Cum Laude & University Honors Scholar
GPA: 4.0

Daniel_Wilson   Danny with Class in Sumatra

Research Interests

Cookstoves, biomass combustion, and tropospheric black carbon soot.




Honors and Awards

National Science Foundation Fellow
Fulbright Fellow
UC Berkeley Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor
Society of Automotive Engineers’ Most Innovative Design Award
Colorado State University’s Outstanding Engineer Award
Colorado Distinguished Scholar
Hewlett Packard Scholar
Award-Winning Photographer


D. L. Wilson, D. R. Talancon, R. L. Winslow, X. Linares, and A. Gadgil, “Life cycle assessment shows carbon savings from a fuel-efficient biomass cookstove dwarf embodied carbon emissions,” Energy for Sustainable Development, 2016, pp. 45-52..

D. L. Wilson, M. I. Adam, O. Abbas, J. Coyle, A. Kirk, J. Rosa, and A. J. Gadgil, “Comparing Cookstove Usage Measured with Sensors Versus Cell Phone-Based Surveys in Darfur, Sudan,” in Technologies for Development: What is Essential?, no. 20, S. Hostettler, E. Hazbourn, and J.-C. Bolay, Eds. New York: Springer International Publishing, 2015, pp. 211–221.

R. Goel, S. Gani, S. K. Guttikunda, and D. L. Wilson, “On-road PM2.5 Pollution Exposure in Multiple Transport Microenvironments in Delhi,” Atmospheric Environment, 2015.

A. Kipf, W. Brunette, J. Kellerstrass, M. Podolsky, J. Rosa, M. Sundt, D. L. Wilson, G. Borriello, E. Brewer, and E. Thomas, “A proposed integrated data collection, analysis and sharing platform for impact evaluation,” Development Engineering, pp. 1–9, Dec. 2015.

P. M. Amsellem, E.L. Egger, and D. L. Wilson, “Bending Characteristics of Polymethylmethacrylate Columns, Connecting Bars of Carbon Fiber, Titanium, and Stainless Steel Used in External Skeletal Fixation and an Acrylic Interface,” Veterinary Surgery, vol. 39, no. 5, pp. 631–637, Mar. 2010.


Stove Use Monitors

High Altitude Balloon

Powered Wheelchair from Bicycle and Motorcycle Parts

Lung Cancer Ablation


University of California, Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Graduate Student Researcher, 2010-present
Fulbright Fellow, India, 2014
NSF Fellow, 2011-2016
Graduate Student Instructor, 2010-2011

  • Created novel sensors for monitoring cookstove adoption in Sudan, Ethiopia, and India
  • Designed a user-friendly machine learning interface for detecting events in time series data
  • Designed novel balloon-borne high-altitude black carbon monitoring platform
  • Tested emissions performance of existing cookstoves and designed novel new cookstoves
  • Built and commissioned the world’s leading cookstove aerosol science laboratory
  • Performed life cycle assessment of cookstove a product and supply chain
  • Developed STEM-outreach program for Pinoleville Pomo Nation (tribe)

Persistent Efficiency

Chief Technology Officer, 2015-2016

  • Designed and implemented first-of-its-kind passive sensing system for IOT electricity monitoring
  • Managed 8-person team including product design, software, hardware, and manufacturing
  • Won the 2015 Clean Tech Open accelerator western division competition
  • Secured $1.5 million in investment capital
  • Reduced hardware costs 70%
  • Sold over 1000 sensors across the United States
  • Built sophisticated backend and frontend capable of handling millions of daily requests and hundreds of terabytes of stored data
  • Guided data science team to develop actionable insights for customers

Triumph Aerospace Systems

Aerospace Systems and Design Engineer, 2009-2010

  • Lead systems and design engineer for Airbus A350 emergency landing gear extension system
  • Lead research engineer on redesign of electromechanical brake actuator for Boeing 787
  • Co-wrote RFI and RFP and won contract for gimbal actuator on Lockheed dirigible
  • Headed technical presentations for three design reviews with Airbus and Messier-Bugatti

Poudre High School

High School Technology Student Teacher, 2008

  • High school technology (SolidWorks, machining, robotics) teacher
  • Lead instructor of the 160-student STEM Institute clean energy and robotics program
  • Author of two STEM curricula for the secondary-school classroom (downloaded over 10k times)


Radiosurgery Research and Development Intern, 2007

  • Developed bench-top model for testing radiofrequency and microwave antenna systems
  • Soft tissue radiofrequency and microwave cancer ablation research
  • Studied viability of microwave cancer ablation systems in highly-porous vascular tissue