Visiting scholars Amit Dutta and Anupam Debsarkar from Jadavpur University, India







The short term research grant, Development Impact Lab (DIL), UCB divided into two section:

Firstly, to visit the place, that was the cradle of this technology innovation. And to gather as much as possible, knowledge and experience on the future trends of Arsenic Remediation, or in bigger sense, Water Purification related researches, viz. Fluoride Remediation of contaminated ground water, which is another challenge that the developing countries like India are facing with, or Innovation of cost-effective Desalination technology, which will be undoubtedly a milestone for alleviating global water crisis.

Secondly, to explore new avenues of collaborative research, in which, not only us, our University, as a whole, can also significantly contribute and join hands with premiere institutions like UCB and LBNL.

The experience that we have gathered over last five weeks, through research interactions with various experts and renowned faculties, scientists and researchers of UCB-LBNL, unequivocally we can say, has helped us exploring few new roads of quality research.