• Cookstove Projects

    More than half of the world's population cook their food indoors using open fires or rudimentary cookstoves. Indoor burning of solid fuels releases toxic pollutants including particulate matter and carbon monoxide. These harmful cooking practices cause an estimated 4 million premature deaths annually.

    Learn how Dr. Ashok Gadgil and his team have designed, tested, and evaluated improved cookstoves.

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  • Arsenic-Free Bangladesh

    Over 60 million people in Bangladesh and West Bengal drink groundwater contaminated with arsenic. Although the WHO's recommended maximum limit for arsenic in drinking water is 10 ppb, the arsenic levels in Bangladesh, in some cases, exceed 1000 ppb. Forty thousand people in Bangladesh are already showing signs of arsenic poisoning, in what is rightly called the largest mass poisoning of a human population in history.

    Learn about the two methods to affordably and effectively remove arsenic from drinking water.

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  • Life Cycle Assessment

    Life cycle assessment (LCA) is an approach for assessing industrial systems. LCA provides a complete view of a system's life cycle, and this view is used to calculate the system's overall impact allowing for an improved focus on optimization efforts. LCA is unique from other types of assessments because it includes all the processes in the life cycle (cradle-to-grave) beginning when materials are extracted from the Earth and ending when materials are returned to the Earth.

    Learn more about what Gadgil Lab is doing to assess the life cycle impact of technologies.

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Our Mission

The Mission of The Gadgil Lab is to perform research and engineering efforts towards the alleviation of poverty and human suffering. Through our projects in the developing world we make our engineering skill, passion, and talent manifest.

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