Protection from COVID-19 requires routine and frequent use of a surface disinfectant; however, disinfectant is unobtainable to billions of people globally.

Although airborne transmission is recognized as the dominant mode of COVID-19 transmission, surface-contact remains an important secondary pathway.  Thus, disinfection of frequently touched surfaces at least once every 24 hours is recommended by the CDC and WHO.  It remains critically important to routinely and frequently disinfect public high-touch surfaces to allow for the safe reopening of schools, transport, public spaces, and businesses. Surface disinfection is also needed to protect individuals in crowded spaces (e.g. urban slums), as well as within households neighboring, or living with, a COVID-infected person. At current prices, billions of people can’t afford surface disinfectants for daily use, and frequently, disinfectants are simply unavailable in local markets. 


Electro-Clean is a low-cost production process for a powerful chlorine-based disinfecting solution that has been approved by WHO, EPA, and CDC.

 Electro-Clean allows for low-cost production of a solution of dilute hypochlorous acid, a well-recognized surface disinfectant. Chlorine-based disinfectants are widely accepted for their effectiveness. A low voltage DC potential applied across low-cost electrodes immersed in saltwater rapidly creates a hypochlorite solution of a concentration high enough for inexpensive and effective disinfection. 


With Electro-Clean, disinfecting solution can be produced locally at the community level, with instructions provided online and through local partners.

Using electrochemical expertise, the team behind Electro-Clean has created a low-cost, decentralized version of the well-known chlor-alkali process. Electro-Clean doesn’t use specialized and expensive materials, and is economically feasible for decentralized production in most developing countries. 

Link to our downloadable pdf flyer here.