Innovators for underserved communities – Engineers start new DeCal course in community service

MAKING A DIFFERENCE: CEE senior Kate Ming helps run a project that is designing a filter to remove arsenic from water in Bangladesh. RACHEL SHAFER PHOTO

While some DeCal classes teach the culture of the TV show “South Park” or the anthropology of surfing, CEE 98/198 teaches problem solving in developing nations. In “Technological Innovation for Underserved Communities,” students are researching ways to filter arsenic from drinking water in Bangladesh, integrate water treatment technology with an educational program in Mumbai, India, and redesign Darfur cook stoves so they use less fuel, among other projects.

“ We’re focused on bringing technology solutions to communities that need them,” says CEE senior Kate Ming, cofacilitator of the new, two-unit class. “The class gives students a chance to work on a project and get experience beyond just taking tests and doing problem sets.”

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