Hanna Breunig


Hanna Breunig, 2002B B90 Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, 1 Cyclotron Rd, Berkeley, CA 94720 | hannabreunig@lbl.gov

[Abbreviated Curriculum Vitae]


PhD. Civil and Environmental Engineering, 2015

University of California, Berkeley

Minor: Geographic Information Science

Minor: Energy and Resources Group

Engineering and Business for Sustainability Certificate 2012

University of California, Berkeley

M.S. Civil and Environmental Engineering 2011

University of California, Berkeley

B.S. Civil and Environmental Engineering 2010

Cornell University



Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley CA                              January 2011- Present

Senior Scientific Engineering Associate, August 2016-present

  • Research projects involve life cycle assessment, scenario analysis, and techno-economic analysis of energy systems. Projects span bioenergy, waste to energy and products, circular economy, water-energy-food nexus, and building stock energy consumption modeling and prediction.
  • Co-PI on an international project developing analytical tools to improve water, energy, and resource efficiency at wastewater treatment facilities operated in China.

Postdoctoral Fellow, August 2015- July 2016

  • Temporal and spatial investigation of the economic and environmental performance of various waste-to-energy technologies in California, with a specific emphasis on utilizing waste biomass for distributed energy generation.

Graduate Student Researcher P.I. Max Wei,  July 2013-August 2014

  • Performed life cycle impact assessment and spatial analyses for deployment scenarios of fuel cells for combined heat and power in commercial buildings

Graduate Student Researcher P.I. Thomas McKone, January 2011-July 2013

  • Conducted feasibility, economic, and environmental analysis of brine and carbon dioxide by-product recycling and management from carbon capture and sequestration at power plants.

Member of Emerging Technology Analysis Team                       http://carboncycle2.lbl.gov/research/crosscutting-science/energy-analysis/e2at/index.html

Member of Sustainable Energy Systems Division in Environmental Energy Technologies Division                    



Larry P. Walker Biofuel Laboratory, Cornell University, NY, June 2008 – August 2009

Biological and Environmental Engineering Undergraduate Research

  • Conducted independent and collaborative research on enzymes involved in the conversion of cellulose to fermentable sugars for the development of biofuels and bioproducts.
  • Developed a method using high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) to quantify the oligosaccharide reaction products of the hydrolysis of cellulose by unlabeled and fluorescently-labeled Thermobifida fusca enzymes.
  • Quantified the enzymatic activities using chromatogram data. Developed kinetic models for the enzyme’s modes of activity using hydrolysis time-course experiments.

MKS Instruments Inc., Rochester NY, Summer 2006, 2007

Environmental Engineering Internship

  • Revised the Environmental Management System for regulation discrepancies and hazards found during ISO 14001 certification audits.
  • Completed a chemical inventory for the building, used the inventory data to redesign and update their physical and electronic MSDS libraries.
  • Designed and taught several Hazardous Communication Trainings and ISO 14001 Familiarization sessions to employees.


AWARDS            Hanna Breunig on the water kayak

2016; Bay Area Regional I-Corps NSF program http://today.lbl.gov/2016/04/27/etas-breunig-part-of-start-up-accepted-to-bay-area-nsf-i-corps/

2015; MIT Rising Stars in CEE

2014-2015: EPA STAR Fellowship

2014-2015: Schmidt-MacArthur Fellowship

2013-2014: UC Berkeley Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award

2012: SETAC 6th World Congress Poster Spotlight Presentation Berlin Germany

2009: Cornell University Engineering Research Conference: Exceptional Undergraduate Presentation Award

2009: Cornell University Engineering Learning Initiatives: Undergraduate Research Award

2006: MKS Inc. Technology Scholarship for marked dedication to engineering research


Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Research Mentor. 2012, 2013, 2016

Mentored masters student from UC Berkeley for the Spring semester of 2016.

Mentored visiting undergraduates of National Applied Science Institute (INSA) of Lyon in France for 21 weeks in 2012 and 2013.

University of California, Berkeley, Graduate Student Instructor for course: Introduction to Environmental Engineering. 2011, 2012, 2013

Cornell University, Teaching Assistant for course: Renewable Energy Systems. 2010

Cornell University, Teaching Assistant for course: Engineering for a Sustainable Society. 2008



Environmental, Public Health, and Safety Assessment of Fuel Pipelines and other Freight Transportation Modes. Strogan, Brett; Bell, Kendon, Breunig, Hanna, Zilberman, David. Applied Energy. (Accepted February 2016).

Spatially-explicit water balance implications of carbon capture and sequestration. Sathre, Roger; Breunig, Hanna; Greenblatt, Jeffery; Larsen, Peter; Masanet, Eric; McKone, Thomas; Quinn, Nigel; Scown, Corinne. Environmental Modelling and Software. (2016, Vol 75, 153-162).

A Total Cost of Ownership Model for Low Temperature PEM Fuel Cells in Combined Heat and Power and Backup Power Applications. Wei, Max; Lipman, Timothy; Mayyas, Ahmad; Chien, Joshua; Chan Shuk Han; Breunig, Hanna; Stadler, Michael; McKone, Thomas; Beattie, Paul; Chong, Patricia; Collela, Whitney; James, Brian. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Report. Submitted March 2014.

The role of life cycle assessment (LCA) in carbon dioxide capture, utilization, and sequestration implementation. Breunig, H; Sathre, R; Greenblatt, J. Whitepaper prepared for the California Energy Commission. Submitted July 2013.

Assessment of brine management for geologic carbon sequestration. Breunig, Hanna; Birkholzer, Jens; Borgia, Andrea; Oldenburg, Curtis; Price, Phillip; McKone, Thomas. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Report, LBNL-6361E, June 2013.

Regional assessment of brine management for geologic carbon sequestration. Breunig, Hanna; Birkholzer, Jens; Borgia, Andrea; Oldenburg, Curtis; Price, Phillip; McKone, Thomas. IJGGC. 2013, Vol. 14,pp. 39-48.

Spatially-explicit impacts of carbon capture and sequestration on water supply and demand. Sathre, Roger; Breunig, Hanna; Larsen, Peter; Masanet, Eric; McKone, Thomas; Quinn, Nigel; Scown, Corinne.  (2012) 11th Annual Conference Proceedings on Carbon Capture, Utilization, & Sequestration. (April 30 – May 3). Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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