“Performance of Charcoal Cookstoves for Haiti, Part 1: Results from the Water Boiling Test” Booker, et al. LBNL report: LBNL-5021E

Charcoal cooking accounts for a large portion of Haiti’s energy usage and leads to severe economic and environmental hardships. Several organizations are looking to fuel-efficient charcoal cookstoves to help solve the problem; however, reliable performance data are needed for stove-selection by cookstove distributors.

In this study, five Haitian charcoal cookstoves, including a baseline traditional stove, were rigorously assessed and compared using water boiling tests. Each cookstove was tested for time-to-boil, thermal efficiency, specific fuel consumption, and emissions of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide.

Booker, K., Han, T.W., Granderson, J., Jones, J., Lask, K., Yang, N., Gadgil, A. (2011). LBNL report: LBNL-5021E.

The article can be accessed here: LBNL-5021E Haiti Cookstove WBTs