“Performance of Charcoal Cookstoves for Haiti, Part 2: Results from the Controlled Cooking Test” Lask, et al. LBNL report: LBNL-5341E

Charcoal cooking accounts for a large portion of Haiti’s energy usage and leads to severe economic and environmental hardships. Several organizations are looking to fuel-efficient charcoal cookstoves to help solve the problem; however, reliable performance data are needed for stove-selection by cookstove distributors.

In this study, five Haitian charcoal cookstoves, including a baseline traditional stove, were rigorously assessed and compared using a controlled cooking test. Each cookstove was tested for total burn time, specific fuel consumption, and emissions of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide.

Lask, K., Jones, J., Booker, K., Ceballos, C., Yang, N., Gadgil, A. (2011). LBNL report: LBNL-5341E.

The article can be accessed here: LBNL-5341E Haiti Cookstove CCTs