“Performance and Emissions Characteristics of a Lighting Cone for Charcoal Stoves.” Lask and Gadgil, 2017. Energy Sustain. Dev.


A lighting cone is a simple metal cone placed on the charcoal bed during ignition to increase draft. Many traditional charcoal-burning stoves are difficult to light due to poor draft through the fuel bed, so lighting cones are used as an inexpensive accessory to help with charcoal ignition. The goal of this work was to determine the validity of using a lighting cone to decrease the ignition time of traditional Haitian charcoal stoves, and evaluate its impact on stove emissions and fuel consumption during the typically inefficient and slow ignition phase. We found that the lighting cone successfully reduced ignition time by over 50%. Due to a more efficient, shorter ignition stage, charcoal consumption during ignition was reduced by over 40% and carbon monoxide was reduced by over 50%. This suggests that lighting cones are a viable and beneficial accessory for aiding ignition in shallow-bed charcoal stoves.

Full text available here.


Lask, K., Gadgil, A.J., Performance and emissions characteristics of a lighting cone for charcoal stoves. Energy for Sustainable Development. 2017, 36. 64-67.