Research team travels to West Bengal, India (Summer 2009)

Two members of the ECAR Education and Outreach team, Kayley Harrington (MS student in Public Health and Social Work) and Farzana Abed (fourth year undergraduate in public health), recently returned from a 6-week trip to West Bengal, India after a very successful partnership-building trip. While there, they spoke to families affected by arsenic and forged partnerships with important organizations involved with arsenic remediation. A workshop on arsenic given in the severely arsenic-affected district of Murshidabad was attended by over 100 local community members, University professors, government officials, and NGO members, among others. A second workshop held in Kolkata was equally successful. The visit resulted in several very fruitful partnerships and emerging partnerships, including a collaboration with Dr. Joyashree Roy of the Global Change Programme, Jadavpur University, Kolkata. The meeting was written up in the Times of India (Read the article). For more information, read Kayley’s blog of the trip.