Third Bangladesh Visit (May-August 2008) ARUBA, ECAR

This summer five team members traveled to Bangladesh to develop a community-scale prototype based on ARUBA and launch a socioeconomic/health study. We found ARUBA treatment to be scalable, and constructed a 400 liter prototype arsenic removal plant, which is currently undergoing testing. View our trip report (PDF, 256 KB). A member of the ECAR team tested the continuous flow ECAR prototype (developed by the BEAR student group – see below) using real arsenic-contaminated well water. The prototype performed beautifully (arsenic was reduced to safe levels in every case) and useful feedback was obtained to inform the newest prototype design. ECAR-centered results of the trip were presented at the annual SULI program poster session for Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in August 2008 (PDF, 368 KB).