“Cookstove dissemination in Haiti: Improving collaboration and information-sharing”. Gadgil and Booker, 2010. Boiling Point

In April 2010, a Berkeley-based team visited Haiti on a fact-finding mission. The team encountered a high level of interest in cookstove projects, in part due to the outpouring of humanitarian aid and
increased attention to economic and social development in Haiti in the wake of the January earthquake. However, one of the key findings of the trip was that because most aid organisations are still focused on immediate relief efforts, there is room to improve the coordination of stove dissemination activities, increase information sharing between interested parties and provide an independent assessment of the efficiency and cultural appropriateness of the stoves currently being considered for distribution in Haiti.

Gadgil, A., Booker, K. 2011. Cookstove dissemination in Haiti: Improving collaboration and information-sharing. Boiling Point, Issue 59

The full article may be found here: Boiling Point article on Haiti cookstove work